octoberfest gingerbread heart attack

octoberfest with the camera was fun, and i was lucky to have company in person of a colleague who protected me from drunkards pivoting one liter glasses of beer (the famous “Maßkrug”) in front of my lens. The beer halls were too noisy for me – you have to drink in there, talking slows down drinking so the band pushes the volume of the music to the limits in order to increase the beer consume – but outside the sellers of the gingerbread hearts grabbed my attention.

octoberfest gingerbread heart attack(2) you can find quite a number of them, and the hearts are a real relict of the early times of octoberfest. of course now you find international inscriptions on the hearts, too, but the basic form still is the “i love you”.

and when processing these shots, i found a way to make use of lightzone’s regions to simulate a bit of vignetting, both in brightness, but also in selective sharpening.


  1. I especially like your secon shot. The gingerbread heart, the engraving (Mhh, is it an “engraving”?), the lightning and the colors work beautifully together. Could be an ad for gingerbreds or for any type of Wies’n…

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