kalmunai students

early morning hours are my most prolific time of the day. the fishermen, the outrigger boat, all these picture were created from 6 to 8 am. the light is soft at that time but does not have that orange cast of the sunset hours.

Click to enlarge: kalmunai students(2) and the public is definitely different – only at that time you see the students in a light suitable for portraits. at noon, when they return, the harsh sunlight is everything else but pleasing.

those two kids are living in the battlefield of 2004’s tsunami, there school, now rebuilt, is also in the zone of massive destruction. they seem to push aside their remembrance of that mayhem. but the smile in their faces can be misleading: talking with social workers shows the whole bandwith of psychological injuries, and the skin that has grown over these is still very thin.

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  1. I shoot often in harsh sunlight I use the Sunny F16 rules. I like the expression on both faces and one can see a great deal in a child’s eye. I like how crisp and white their clothing is as well. Moving Images you create!

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