inviting for a rest

kind of a retro mood for soft and unobtrusive colors caught me today. maybe one of the reasons are paul butzi’s post what makes you a photographer and paul lester’s the beauty of the everyday. for a balanced, full life, savouring the very moment without peering for the abnormal, extraordinary is a warranty for success. and to cherish these feelings, to appreciate those unspectacular moments, one of the best things to do that i know is taking a walk in the pre-alpine hills. even 15 minutes can suffice like in sunday’s visit to the hospital, where the nanny of our daughters is recovering after serious heart problems.

the light was soft, but i wanted to have an even softer impression so i carefully desaturated the reds of the roofs and only very minimally intensified the foreground grass a little bit. the picture meets the mood of this walk very well.


  1. Markus, my family and I spent six wonderful years in Germany. This image reminds me of a special bench we’d sit on during one of our walks near Idar-Oberstein. Our children were very young back then, and they called it their “secret bench.” It overlooked the whole area, and they were sure nobody else had ever discovered it.

    What a nice, peaceful photo!

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