hauling in the net

the raw files from the last sri lanka mission are still a treasure chest. today i found this one. some adjustments in lightzone created a picture that appeals a lot to me – definitely not a “picture that sucks” as it was the topic of paul lester’s post yesterday.

the recipe given there ‘practice, practice, practice’ is a good one, but in my experience somtimes a pat on the back from an experienced, open-eyed fellow can help a lot to bring one’s vision forward. that’s the reason why i am deliberating about visiting a workshop.


  1. I am all for a workshop or two, perhaps three. Workshops are a great place to meet like-minded photographers. There seems to be some kind of idea exchange that happens, particularly when sharing photographs. There have been a number of times when I’ve thought: Ahhhh! Why didn’t I think of that?! They are certainly worth attending if you find a good teacher.

    See if you can find testimonials and actually contact the person. Most people will be quite honest about the experience.

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