more rain

so I had rain before my holidays and in my holidays. my nephew didn’t mind and kept standing in the water in search for a fish. after three unsuccessful days he started using a canoe and voila, out on the lake he was lucky.

monsoon in colombo

the pouring rain and the humidity provided a natural soft focus effect. at times rain was so heavy that you just had to hide under a roof and wait. galle face hotel was quite empty at that pre-monsoon time in colombo, in this way aggravating the feeling of lost former times and their glory.

aesthetics in catastrophy

this weekend, a wildfire destroyed more then 300.000 square meters of precious protection forest next to Bad Reichenhalldue to the extreme drought we are experiencing this april. But many catastrophies have their asthetic aspects, and so does this. Nine helicopters were continously flying on sunday to water the areas where the fire was already extinguished

rakes and scythes

again from the open-air farm museum of Ballenberg, switzerland. these old rakes and scythes were inside an old farmhouse in very dim light, but I decided against the usage of my flash to capture the mood as it was, including the bright light from outside that came through the chinks in the timber wall.


visited the open-air farm museum of Ballenberg, switzerland. the weather was not to fine and the kids quite demanding, so from a photographical point of view the yield was lower than anticipated. but this cross and the mistletoe struck me as quite adequate for Good Friday.


so this title might attract some traffic (makes me grin, as I will go to great efforts in order to avoid having to use this), but it’s just the correct translation for the german “durchblick”. i found this view in the bavarian chamber of industry and commerce in munich. their building has a really nice…

late snow

nobody wanted it anymore, but now it came: snow down to 300m above sealevel. so the hazel in our garden had her flowers suddenly covered in snow. it will not last long, but it was sufficient to wet us thoroughly on our way to kindergarden. photographically it brought a nice occasion to see colorful things…


taken at a get-together of a german-russian friendship association. I was really astonished how some of the pictures developed due to the long shutter speeds. processed with lightzone.

over the roofs

over the roofs of my hometown, Bad Reichenhall. the clocktower of St. Ägidius, and in the background mt. Hochstaufen. just discovered the linux version of lightzone. amazing user interface, excellent sharpness. the tone curve tool is just extraordinary, and the possibility to work on regions is great. however, speed and memory requirements are an issue.…

small beads

maybe my secret affinity to abstracts, but for sure my love for harmonious compositions took me away – I simply liked this picture from the very first moment. Up to now not much postprocessing, just simple cropping was applied.

hoarfrost under Hochkalter

new year’s excursion to Hintersee was prolific. the kids went skating and I found some time to stroll around. It is obviously correct to call the landscape at the east bank of this lake “Zauberwald” – magic forest. the xmas test version of bibblepro gave me opportunity to play with my raw files, and this…

traces of winter

this year’s winter is almost non-existing here in Berchtesgadener Land. Only in shadowy valleys in the mountains it is cold enough for skateable ice. there I found these beautiful frost flowers on some rocks in a landscape from a fairy tale.