1. Interesting, this coulda been taken in many of NYC’s (usually poorer) neighborhoods – except for the fence, which would almost certainly be metal here.

    1. Michael, in Germany you won’t find churches displaying in that style (at least not easily – we’re more or less firm in the hands of the big two, Roman Catholic and Lutheran), so it was a new exposure for me.

      1. –Although such protestant churches are common here, I still recognize their cultural significance and I hope my comment wasn’t misconstrued as a criticism of your photo – it is indeed worthy of documenting…

        1. Michael, criticism would be welcome as well, but I didn’t understand your comment in that way. No need to worry! And I see all sides of the image, the documentarian as well as the aesthetic and the symbolic. That combination makes it so interesting for me.

  2. Thanks, Carl! Only later I learned that I should not have walked there: The recommendation for a tourist in Durban is to only walk on camera-surveilled streets. I am glad that nothing happened – and that I only learned that in hindsight.

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