No Slam Dunks in Glavotok any more

Playing at the Beach

Back from my holidays since a week, I still have some images from Krk I regard as worthy to be shown, like these from the church and monastery in Glavotok. Sometimes this blue sky, old buildings and/or the sea can create almost a sensory overload for some precious moments.

4 Responses to “No Slam Dunks in Glavotok any more”

    • Markus

      Janine, I think you’ll agree that Glavotok is among the best places on this marvellous island. And early in the year it’s not crowded, but instead I met a painting class enjoying the scenery there.

  1. Quark

    Hey, het, a very funny photo with the basket in the “same” textures as the church,
    even old maybe:-))

    • Markus

      Quark, the camouflage was almost too perfect: I didn’t notice the basket until almost touching the corner.


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