the raw file gave an severely underexposed impression, but this retained the sky instead of letting it become just white. masking in lightzone for linux allowed to keep the sky and brighten the clocktowers to realistic values again. this is just a great piece of software.

and here is a b&w version of this picture. i have to admit that i am still undecided which one to prefer

clocktowers of salzburg, Austria(2)

clocktowers of salzburg, Austria


heavily clouded sky alternating with drizzle provided extremely soft light during yesterday’s walk through salzburg, austria. Inside the cathedral it was amazingly bright.

without any tricks or excessive processing, the b&w conversion of this picture already achieved highly graphic and abstract quality. this photo may give an hdr-like impression or a change between a positive and negative form, and that’s why I like it.

salzburg, cupola of the cathedral


had a tremendous bathing day with the kids at thumsee next to bad reichenhall. Just opposite the beach through the leaves a now empty wooden house in the middle of the natural reserve area was visible, a nice target for a swim.

Processed this image with lightzone as most of my other pictures. unfortunately lightcrafts has still not released v3.0 for linux, there are only older versions still available for this platform under

natural vista – enjoying the summer


this is an emblematic picture for the governing period of the still-in-charge bavarian premier e. stoiber. he was harvesting the fruits of an ongoing change since the end of ww2 in bavaria from a rural and somewhat backward country to a modern habitat for hi-tec companies.

the onion spire on the clocktower was almost a badge for bavarian villages, and now the antennas for mobile services are the new hallmarks.

brave new world…

onion spire, reloaded


last day of holidays was the 2nd day with fairly good weather. in the late afternoon clouds gathered and formed a thunderstorm front over the valley of river Drau. when the first flashes appeared far away, the kids stopped playing on the beach and started watching out for the thunderstorm.

and the light was just great.

waiting for the thunderstorm