so this title might attract some traffic (makes me grin, as I will go to great efforts in order to avoid having to use this), but it’s just the correct translation for the german “durchblick”. i found this view in the bavarian chamber of industry and commerce in munich. their building has a really nice patio, and from the round windows of the stairway i had this look down to the ground floor.



even before the last snowfall, anemonae and primroses came into blossom on the slope behind our house. so winter is gone now. definitely. we hope.

processed with bibble. both lightzone and bibble have their strengths, so it’s good that I am not forced to decide, at least not for now.

processing of this pictures makes me more difficulties than I thought. ist it oversharpened now? otherwise I loose many details. so I will spend some more time with it.

anemonae and primroses


nobody wanted it anymore, but now it came: snow down to 300m above sealevel. so the hazel in our garden had her flowers suddenly covered in snow. it will not last long, but it was sufficient to wet us thoroughly on our way to kindergarden.

photographically it brought a nice occasion to see colorful things in a more graphical way, with some falling snow on top – probably only visible in original size.

processed with lightzone.

late snow