1. Re. the healing, there is unfortunately still a quite long way to go, Tom. Currently 20° are missing to stretch the elbow completely. Most probably the old 80/20 rule applies here: with 20% of the rehabilitation measures you get 80% of the success, but for the remaining 20% you have to put in 80% of the effort. In November, I hope to get the plate removed, and if I am lucky, next spring the elbow will be as good as new. Admittedly I had never thought that it might take that long…

      But at least I can handle a camera again 🙂

  1. That’s a wonderfully balanced design, and balance of tone as well. Glad to hear you are making progress with the elbow, however slowly.

    1. Thanks, Carl. It is funny how things develop sometimes (apart from the elbow): In this image, for the first time, I consciously translated a more or less completely flat subject into the (known to me) two-dimensional surface of a photograph. Strange that this insight took so long for me to come out of the subconscious into awareness. And this thing I did with a otherwise much despised point-and-shoot camera, using the backward screen…

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