1. I am surprised to see the Sioux name. This name often refers to the Great Sioux Nation consisting of language groupings such as Dakota, Lakota, Nekota, and Teton Sioux. The word “Sioux” is French in origin taken from neighboring native American tribes, and might be translated as “little snake”, not a complimentary name the people would choose for themselves. They prefer the language group names such as Lakota. Not sure how the Sioux name increases the sales of shoes. No moccasins in that window.

    1. Jeff, “Sioux” is an old brand name for shoes in Germany. The probably chose that name because they started with fashionable moccassins decades back. But in those internet-dominated days, shops can’t be single-brand any more (unless they are “flagship” stores of a kind), and so the Sioux-Ad just remains unused at the storefront, as probably removing it is quite expensive.

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