Working for the Yankee Dollar


First Street, Harare (OSM)

The title of this post is borrowed from Leonard Cohen’s song “Field Commander Cohen”, but I found it applicable here (who needs titles anyway…). I had also thought about the title “Less would be Nothing”, but for g*****’s sake I decided to re-use the line from the Cohen song.

What we see is the payload of a farmer, or more probably a farmer’s wife, brought early morning into downtown Harare, to be sold over the day, to earn that 5 US$ a day many people here have to survive on. And yes, it’s US dollars, as after the last hyperinflation, government dropped the Zimbabwe dollar in favor of the U.S. currency. Currently those US$ in Harare are a scarce resource, queuing for 3h to withdraw 50 US$ is just normal. The number of Jags and Daimlers in the street however is not affected.

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