Fifth Street, Harare (OSM)

Yesterdays post got impeded by the bad weather that affects the weak WLAN that otherwise reaches my current room – on good weather days like today I can get at least a weak connection sitting next to the window.

The use of street trees as free advertisement fascinates me since I was for the first time in Harare, especially when the signs are handwritten like those above, as such signs are to be found in Germany only in the remotest rural areas maybe for some agricultural goods. But here it is a perfect normal way to advertise all kinds of services.


  1. The figure is just perfect with the oddly graceful tree, and I’m a sucker for signs.

  2. So Harare would be kind of a paradise for you, Carl!

    (But then, one should care what one wishes for. Living in Harare is certainly not easy, even less for a white person. And the political situation is appalling)

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