1. Nur eine alltägliche Straßenszene?
    Nein, eine Komposition in Blau und Rot!
    Sehr gekonnte Standpunktwahl.
    Gruß, Uwe

    1. Manchmal ist es wirklich “Blende 8 und da sein” (Bob Gilka, National Geographic). Wobei im “da” dann die Kunst des Fotografen liegt

  2. These saturated colours speak of a very special heat, the tropical one where I’ve been living during 10 years or so. And it helps me to stand this strange summer here in Europe.

    1. Yes, I noticed quite some pictures from Brazil on your blog – the looks of the sky are different from what we have here in Europe. And I have to say that I did like that late winter light in Harare very much – found it more interesting than the more harsh summer light I experienced some months ago.

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