April Wallpaper – Boys Toy


Fraunhoferstr., Munich

I found this retro toy – or is it vintage? – in a shop window near the office. The transition from intensive to muted color got me interested, as well as the reflection, making it two cars. So this is the wallpaper for April 2016.


  1. retro or vintage: the colouring is very nice.

    boys toy? HMM??? ­čśë You should have seen my Matchbox collection in those days ….

  2. I love this photo with its great reflection. The muted colors and patina of age on this toy race car is perfect. After shooting the picture, did you buy this car? I can see why you choose it for April Wallpaper. Perfect. Wonder if Martina still has her Matchbox collection?

    1. Unfortunately not. My most beloved Matchbox car was a yellow harvester, btw. But I don’t recall any more facts. Besides it’s being yellow ­čÖé

  3. Ha – my first self-bought matchbox car was a Lamborghini Miuara – yellow. Astonishing what sticks in my brain for almost half a century…

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