Needles of Triumph

Needles of Triumph. Tagged with Urban
Needles of Triumph II. Tagged with Urban
Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

Seen from the same space, merely by turning around, are two, no three, symbols of power and victory: The Brandenburg Gate, here only its columns providing the frame for the victory column, and the TV tower of former East-Berlin Alexanderplatz. Interesting and reassuring (or disturbing, depending on the point of view) is that none of these former powers in Europe have been able to maintain their importance – neither the Prussian Empire, nor Hitler’s 3rd Reich, which loved to abuse the Brandenburg Gate, nor the German Democratic Republic, which needed the TV Tower as a visible sign of them playing in the same league as then Western Germany. And now European values of human rights are required more than ever, even against a substantial group of the local population who would like to stay in 19th century-like states where you were well of when you belonged to the majority by nation, race or religion and could draw satisfaction from passively or even actively harassing minorities. But these times are irrevocably over. Simple Nationalism simply will not hold anymore, and it’s probably that knowledge that makes the ultra-conservatives raise their voices so much.


    1. Unfortunately this is not yet common sense over here – most political parties seem to lean to the conservative, “nationalist” point of view. Astonishingly enough the churches articulate a very progressive point of view, very much to the dismay of those parties who feast on religious voters.

  1. We’ve only just gotten rid of a government that took “conservative” to new extremes. They forbade government research scientists speaking to the press (in order to hide their criminal environmental policies). And, Syria? Refugees? What refugees? They much preferred to take part in bombing raids. Under these people, most Canadians found their country unrecognizable. We’re all (well, a significant portion of us, at least) feel, so far, as if the sun has finally come out after a long, hard winter. With any luck, the new government will only provide the usual, small disappointments that all governments inevitably do.

    1. … and it needed only one day for at least my wishes for revenge to come up, until at least my better part took over again.

      Yes, that development in Canada is inspiring, and I do hope that this is something that might infect your biiiiig southern neighbour. The world needs it.

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