1. Excellent title, and fine composition. I wonder how much of this infrastructure will be redundant in five or ten years due to technological development.

  2. Beautiful image. Amazing how a photo can make something that seems inherently ugly (I imagine) and turn it into a work of art with the right composition, light, etc.

  3. Hätte nicht gedacht, das es in DE noch so viele oben verlegten Leitungen gibt – ist ja wie in den USA. Hat auch etwas Provisorisches.
    Gut gesehen!

  4. @all: This is one of the large scale construction sites in Munich, where they are sowing tunnels to reap traffic 🙁 So it’s only a temporary installation, but graphically interesting nonetheless.

    1. Since it is only temporary that explains all the wires strung from pole to pole. Still odd looking, but you were there at the perfect time to get great light.

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