1. What a strange sign (at least to me and American). What does it mean? Road narrows? Road is rough? It looks so desparate.

  2. I see you have found some of the work of Clet Abraham, that cheeky artist who always makes me laugh with his modifications of road signs. His work is creative, and I’m surprised these don’t disappear instantly into someone’s collection when they go up.

  3. @all: Thanks for your comments. Jeff, thanks to your hint I read a bit about Clet Abraham: He’s from Florence and meanwhile a kind of a local hero. He has quite some followers as well as imitators, so one cannot be sure that this is original work. His “modifications” are treated differently in other places, sometimes taken down immediately, sometimes left alone.
    @John: The sign means “no entry”, usually placed at the wrong end of a one-way road.

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