1. Markus, this image appeals to me. First, I love little sidewalk shops like this — we don’t have many such as this in the area I live but when I travel, especially to Europe, I’m always curious and wanting to “check them out.” Second, you did a fine job of framing the elements it in this image and the lighting also plays a part. It appears the shop lighting is on the edge of being a dominate source. I couldn’t be certain if this is morning or evening, but I would think perhaps evening.

    1. Glad you like it, Earl. In the old city centers here in Europe such shops are still numerous, and I guess Spain has offered you quite a number of them. Re. the light: This was at a dreary early winter day, grey sky, and it probably was afternoon. I just looked up the ISO: I had to push them up to 1000, which indicates a quite low overall light level, but this had the advantage that the interior lights came out strong enough to allow a look into the shop.

  2. I love the indoor/outdoor balance here. It feels exactly right. There’s lots to be recommended about shooting on dark, dreary days.

    1. Thanks, Carl! Since the digital cameras good high iso performance, their flexible sensibility and the lens stabilisation, photographing in low light has become a lot more attractive for me.

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