Confederate Psycho House:

(Confederate) Psycho House


Bavariaring, Munich (OSM)

Why the ‘Psycho House’ mimics a Confederate Estate (I just revisited some Walker Evans photographs), I can’t tell. But it certainly fits in the overall tenor, where all things U.S. seem to be glorified and provide the furniture for the dreams of the fairground visitors – and I admit that for quite a long time this was true for me, too. And in retrospective I see it as a rare exception that one country so overwhelmingly dominates the whish lists of most probably a whole continent, and did this for decades, maybe even a century without too much reflection or critical appraisal. The anti-american movement in Europe, somewhat important probably only during the times of the Vietnam War, for now certainly is marginalized, which is good. But a more open discussion, also in the light of the impending TTIP treaty, is certainly necessary for both sides to better understand and accept the mutual sensibilities.

2 thoughts

  1. Das Spiel mit den Klischees verdrängt die wirklich wichtigen Themen & Auseinandersetzungen. Für mich funktioniert dieses Bild aber auch, weil die Verhandlungen zu TTIP immer schön hinter verschlossenen Türen geführt werden. Das ist nicht nachvollziehbar & schon gar nicht akzeptabel.

    Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

    1. Ach, Florian, unsere Unterhändler wollen doch alle nur unser Bestes. Warum nur fällt es Dir und mir so schwer, daran zu glauben?

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