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    1. Never spent time in such a place – my eyes start tearing from the smoke immediately. So what is it?

      1. I once smoked one in a street cafe in Cairo – the smoke didn’t help with the smog, though.
        So it was by chance that you framed the word shisha?
        The sugar thingie is so out of style in there …

  1. Out of style it definitely is. But then, many of the guests are Turkish or from Arab countries, and for all I know they love their tea really sweet.

      1. Which shows you the true value of a multi-cultural society: Boundless convergence!

  2. The sugar pourer can be found in many American diners, true convergence. I believe that Turks and Arabs do love their coffee very sweet, and strong. So tea would follow logically.

    1. Yes, this one seems to be universal industrial design, meanwhile coming in floods from Chinese factories.

    1. … but I don’t know it 🙁

      This modern hookah looks quite spacey, not much of oriental plush feeling left.

        1. Martina, wer außer uns kennt noch Baader-Meinhof? Ich hab’ damals in der hiesigen Kur-Buchhandlung (sic!) Ulrike Meinhofs “Bambule” gekauft…

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