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    1. I know 😉 Too bad you don’t understand German, this is a kind of proletaric wannabe rock-or-so singer, honestly not really worth listening to. A greater discrepancy to the music (and cult) of Mozart is hard to imagine.

      1. Well, I did take a couple of years of German back in college, but it has long since been covered by Portuguese and Spanish. I might still know a few of the introductory phrases. 🙂 Es macht mir spas. Es geht mir gut. Vie geht es Ihnen. Como vie, oops, that’s Portuguese. LOL That’s the best that I can do, mein freund. (Or something like that).

        1. Hey, but you still remember it – and if you ever visit Germany, that will bring you a log of sympathy!

    1. Robert, you certainly heard about the earthquakes in Salzburg, didn’t you? 😉

    1. Yes, and an undeniably part of urban life is this contrast – Salzburg certainly offers both, Festspiele for the most blasée’s and clubs an an arena for all kinds of events.

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