1. I find it fascinating that the “ugly” parts of a city (which I find interesting) are all similar the world around. This cool shot of yours could have been taken just about anywhere.

    1. Brussels certainly is a strange mixture, Cedric. The really expensive and rich quarters are just next to the run-down ones. And the grey skies in a certain way were egalizing, too. I have observed the similarity of those sub-average quarters in many cities, too. The skill of the city administration certainly is not to loose them completely but to carefully enough improve them *with* their inhabitants.

  2. The red hues in this image are fascinating. I really like the way the lady on the mural is looking directly at the viewer. What a great capture!

    1. Thanks for the laud, Martina! Yes, this view was captivating, and so I stopped in spite of the luggage I was hauling at that moment, just to get it with that grey sky and the matching cars in the foreground.

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