Paul-Heyse-str., Munich

I know – tilted and all that. Yes, I should be better in estimating the field of view of my 20mm lens, but alas, I am not. Hurried too much, trying to capture the biking musician before the light turned green. I still like the image.

Rushing Towards The Wiesn


4 thoughts

    1. Chris, this indeed a 40mm in 35mm terms – the wonderfully sharp Panasonic 1,7/20mm. It’s only drawback is some purple fringing in strong backlight.

  1. Wonderful. You caught this interesting moment – waiting for the green light – like it was in a quiet empty place – despite the cars and the noise that must have been there in reality. I guess it’s the story that might follow – the Wies’n – that made me imagine this. The rest of the day and the night might have been full of noise and huuummpaaa for this guy. Right now on his way he will have some minutes of peace.

    1. Thanks, Martina. You know, now there is a retro Wies’n within the Wies’n: You have to pay an entrance fee for less loud music, less spectacular roundabouts etc. And they limit the access – if it gets too crowded, no new visitors are allowed.

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