Train Station, Munich

The airbrushed steam engine on the electric locomotive is pure fake, but seems to serve the widespread longing for the “good old times” (which clearly weren’t that good at all), and the dirndls on the dirndls (in Bavarian, dirndl is both a certain frock and the idiom for ‘girl’), well, those seem to be not obviously of the cheap surrogate type – abundant in Octoberfest times – but are owed as well to that retro mood. Bavaria now is proud of the successful combination of laptop and short leather pants, and whilst nobody wants back into the narrow minded times of 200 years ago, sometimes at least a superficial nostalgia is there.

Double Retro


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    1. Bad Reichenhall, which is next to Salzburg but still in Germany, to Munich. Lots of things to see and photograph, especially when a train is late.

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