Walking The Phone

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Via Milano, Turin, (osm)

Update: I finally managed to create a version that leaves the night athmosphere better intact.


    1. Juha, that’s where reality is: on screen, not outside – don’t forget that I took this picture seeing my subject matter on an LCD screen.

  1. Ganz nach meinem Gusto. Denn ich bevorzuge Chioccolato & Dein Bilderwerk. Aber was ist die Welt schon ohne moderne Kommunikationsmittel. Schön, daß sie vor so wunderbaren Fassaden spazieren getragen werden.

    Viele Grüße & wieterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

    1. Ja, italienische Stadt bei Nacht – solche Bilder gibt es zu Hunderttausenden. Aber mit einem Smartphone-Träger – da weiss man, dass das im 21. Jahrhundert stattfand.

    1. Jeff, I tried my best, and sometimes it works. And after a full day of conference discussions, walking alone for a while and switching the mindset from listening to seeing can be really recreative.

  2. So what time of day was this. I’m confused by the bright blue light on the kid’s face. I’d think it would have to be quite dark to get that effect.

    1. Almost midnight, Carl, and I admit having struggled with the image’s brightness. If I don’t want to have too much blocked shadows, the impression of “night” unfortunately suffers.

  3. Very nice ‘composition’! One of the best which I have seen since quite some time. Probably, he is looking up your blog and seeing himself looking up your blog…

    1. Bernd, thanks! Now that you said it I am sure my investment in that Eye-Fi card plus transmitter always-on ultra-smartphone was the right thing to do 😉

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