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    1. Thanks, Earl. The 9-18mm on m4/3 is a fine lens, not only optically but also easy to carry. And in the city canyons it soon becomes indispensable, but I carried it for too long time only in the bag without really using it, until my 2.5/14mm had to undergo service. And once I started to get the feeling, it was hard to stop.

  1. Markus, nice picture. The passing pedestrian breaks the symmetry and adds interest. The graffiti is interesting as well as the classic architecture in the background.

    1. John, I saw the man appearing just from the corner of the eye and knew he would add the necessary dynamic element for this scenery. I was somewhat prepared – and lucky!

  2. Die Mauern der Städte sprechen mit Ihren Bewohnern. Ich mag das. So wie ich dieses Bild mag & das Spiel zwischen Bewegung & Statik. Ganz wunderbar!

    Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

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