Underpass Art

Pasing Train Station, Munich

Update: Every image in this blog enlarges when you click on it. What I thought is self-evident (as I do this on other blogs all the time), seems to be a small secret for many users.

Since the new blog scales well on screens of different sizes, this might not be something really detracting, but today’s tryptich is still displayed quite small. So: click and enjoy.


  1. I had just commented on one of your other photos when I saw a snippet of this work in the right-hand column of our blog. I have to say I like this… well, more than I can express. And you’ve ordered them perfectly. You have further justified the comment I just made on “Lamp Shop”.

    1. This was one of the occasions where I was not supposed to make pictures – on the way to a hospital visit. But then, seeing strikes when it wants to, and thanks to the camera in my pocket I didn’t have to let this occasion pass by.

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