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  1. Tonight, around 22hrs, we had 55.4 F° … and stormy. Surreal.

    Is it just me, or is it just the Rhein-Main area or are the Christmas decorations are really much more subdued than in the last years?

    1. Yes, it seems so. And the most ridiculous reason I read for it are the energy prices. Not that I wouldn’t always vote in favor of energy saving, but seeing all those cars idling for phone breaks etc. it’s clear that the electricity costs can’t be the decisive factor.

  2. I’ve felt this strangeness about the holiday season here quite strongly, and am surprised to learn the same thing is going on in Europe. See the comments at WP today. It’s not just Rhein-Main, it’s New York City, and Torrington, and maybe a lot of other places as well.

    1. Carl, I am certainly a friend of true Christmas decoration, but the continuous “Jingle Bells” and “Santa Claus” attacks from November onwards just generate anger in me. So this year’s sparse decoration went well with me, and maybe (hope dies last) it helps the true sense of Christmas to become a bit more visible again. Yes, sometimes my pessimist/realist trait seems to loose…

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