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  1. LOL – I really like your squares (that is geometry in photographs) – but this tops it all. They should try a littler harder with their halloween decorations. This is so … pathetic.

  2. Martina, I read so much helplessness from that scenery – being caged in such an ultramodernistic house, but still the old Adam, eating the fruits of the fields, and still valueing their natural shapes…

  3. Do you really think this is the case? Is it not because Aldi etc. have the decorations in stock right now? And all the neighbours have them, too?

    1. You are all too pessimistic, Martina. But history teaches, that the pessimists are the ones who will be proved to be correct after all…

  4. This morning while driving to work boyfriend made a comment about some pumpkins on a field we saw. Like, that pumpkins are not a usual crop in our area.
    I told him about your photo and your comment and my comment and his reply was: I do not think that that many people really make the connection between pumpkins and fruit of the fields and Erntedank and how they should be thankful. It’s just a nice yellow and orange decoration you can buy everywhere and that everyone has.

    Boyfriend is the least pessimistic or cynical person I know (we are quite opposites, ;-)).

    1. In my case, my pessimism most probably stems from idealistic grounds. Maybe I should *really* try a completely sober, factual approach to reality. (Doubts however come up if this wouldn’t lead to even deaper pessimism…)

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