Every now and then I have to scratch my blogger’s itch: New colors, new widgets, new fonts and all the like are remedies for a certain boredom caused by everyday the same ol’ look.

Today’s redesign is not only about such bagatelles. For quite some time I’ve searched for a way to combine thematic coherent series and those images that get captured during everyday’s errands. Martina has her “scrappress”, Carl Weese resorted to WPII and Tyler Monson sometimes completely reorders his posted images in ora2, ora4 and originalrefrigeratorart.

I didn’t want to add new blogs – one self-maintained wordpress is enough – and after some trial and more errors I decided to install a sub-blog for the spillover. And when refurbishing the whole thing, a static front page with changing lead images looked appealing to me, together with a very clear and sober design. Thanks to the GPL on the wordpress “sundance” theme, I was able to build a child theme on top of it and adapt it to my needs, and I hope I am not the only one who likes the new look.

The daily blog can now be reached under the url markus-spring.info/blog/, whilst the spillover has its home under spillover.markus-spring.info and markus-spring.info/spillover/. Enjoy (and, if necessary, adapt your bookmarks)!

New Shiny Design


4 thoughts

  1. Markus, I like this new theme. I think the color pallet is very pleasing and easy on the eye’s to read. It’s also pretty neutral for displaying images. Very good!

    I’m interested in how you’ll be using the sub-blog and will be watching how that “plays out.”

    1. Thanks, Earl! As you know from your own experience, this whole theming stuff is well supported in wordpress but in spite of this quite labourious – the fine tuning makes the difference and eats up the hours. Re. the spillover blog: only statistics will tell if it is accepted by the viewers. But I think it is worth trying. To get the images found by the search engines, I should use much more tags, but here it becomes work again…

  2. The new design ain’t workin’ too good on my iPad – the “blogs I read” links are all wacked / unreadable and overall the site doesn’t look like it does on my desktop computer.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Mark. Indeed I didn’t test on an iPad (as I don’t have one) and I am only basically aware of some css magic in the depths of this theme, which is supposed to adapt it to different advices.

      I am away now for 10 days, but after that I will borrow an iPad and see if I can find out what is causing the trouble.

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