Barr Na gCurragh, Bohoona East, (osm)

Least you think that the Olympus m 9-18mm is a distortion king, just have look at the utmost right edge of the wall: straight. Only the pipe next to it isn’t.



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    1. You know, to fully enjoy the 45mm, I sometimes have to go to the other side of the spectrum. 12mm sometimes are just the right contrast program. And that zoom almost corrupted me…

  1. Markus, I own and have been overall very pleased with the Olympus 9-18…used it this past weekend. To get ultra-wide with a micro-4/3’s (x2 crop) leaves only a few choices. Very nice.

    1. Yes, Earl, when trying to keep the kit light and to avoid paying a fortune, the Olympus m 9-18mm is the only option. And whilst rated it clearly below the Panasonic 7-14mm, it simply weighs and costs half as much with still an image quality that is “good enough” for anything but wall-size prints.

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