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    1. Like many good things, this image was simple and offering itself, Juha. And of course I was lucky as the contrast was still within the sensor’s capacity, needing only minimal work to make the dust on the window panes visible.

  1. I had a new look at this photograph with my new iPad and it looks really good, the retina display is indeed fine. This was the first web page I looked at… Trying to learn to write with this thing is not so easy.

    1. Juha, this must be a turn-of-the-tide photograph then 🙂

      I still succeed in convincing myself that I don’t need an ipad, but it sure looks tempting. And whilst I am a dyed-in-the-wool linux user, Apple computers and gadgets are really appealing, especially in terms of design and usability – a bit like Braun radios and appliances from the last millenium.

  2. Sometimes I look at my photos with the new iPad just to convince myself that I can take good photos 😉

    Just kidding – but the difference between for example my laptop’s screen and the iPad’s is amazing.

    Disclaimer: I only own this stuff for work purposes – not beeing a fan of this company. And hey, I am sure you have seen all these websites where Braun and Apple designs are compared?

    1. Martina, does it really make look our photos better? Then I *have* to have one!

      Yes, technology- and usability-wise Apple produces really fine stuff. But I am so much the anti-brand type that up to now I resisted. Not to talk about their policies re. environment, privacy, employment etc.

      The design comparisons I have to search for – up to now it was just a gut feeling.

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