1. Well, as soon as I started seeing them, I can’t un-notice them any more. And here they are in nice company with the tree reflection and the red stripes.

  1. Markus, just curious, on a shot like this do you quickly react taking the image from a gut reaction or do you see the opportunity and wait for the right moment — someone walking by?

    1. In a conversation with Carl Weese some years ago, he told me that he often sees a composition lacking a component and waits for it – this is what I do sometimes now, too.
      This image I do have in two versions, without and with the pedestrian: I now resort to take an image at first vision – sometimes this is the only frame I will get – and if the scenery changes, I can decide if I want to follow up, which I did here.
      The image without the walking person is different, slightly less interesting I think. Would he have been clothed differently, his inclusion would not have worked.

  2. What lovely weeds you have. So lush and healthy. To me the red shirt makes the picture. Reminds me a little of those orange boots in another picture.

    1. The warm afternoon light certainly brought out the best of the weeds green tones. And the shirt adds the amplifying color contrast. I count myself lucky for that image – not always do I see so clearly.

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