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Train Station, Munich

Venice was a short interlude, prolific in terms of photography, but the normal week days are working days with commuting as part of the routine. Meanwhile I have the camera at hand whenever I leave the train, and this image found me barely 10m away from the platform. For quite some time I had been not really happy with the Panasonic 14mm lens on my G3 – the focal length seemed to be not short enough for my purposes, and especially in the narrow alleys of Venice 12mm would have been interesting – but here this wonderful small lens really shines.


  1. Nice composition! I’m selling my 14mm, I never really took to it, especially as the top right corner is slightly soft. “28mm” is neither here or there and I prefer the 20mm. It’s strange how one particular focal length just “fits”, but thats what the Panasonic 40mm does for me. Also, my new 12-35mm zoom is so sharp, as good as my 20mm and my wife’s Olympus 12mm, and a really nice lens to use.

    1. Colin, I have somewhat adjusted to the up to now frugal kit, compared to DSLR times: 14, 20 and 45mm on m4/3, compared to 11 to 300mm in zooms on APS-C enforces a different picturing style. The 14mm led a bit of a cinderella life in my bag, I didn’t even touch it a whole day long in Venice (where I used only the 20mm), but recently I have learned to hold it in higher esteem – only, admittedly, to complement it with an Olympus 9-18mm for my upcoming Ireland trip.

      1. Addendum: a 10mm prime would be really nice – I’ve been bitten by that single-focal-length-lens bug, it seems.

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