When Train Stations Were Prestigious

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Wilsonova, Prague, (osm)

… this had been a lively place. Now the new train station is just 2 flights of stairs away, and everybody stays there. So it was quiet – even the waitress had ignored my request for coffee – but due to the previous organisational stress my hands were not quiet enough for this panorama to reach the quality level for a really big print.


    1. Thanks, John. This old hall has a much better presence than the concrete/glass stories of the modern station below it.

  1. I like! Just browsed through the shot in its original size and to me the quality looks quite good, actually. I especially like the monk on the right hand side. Goes nicely together with the somewhat quiet and laid-back atmosphere.

    1. Thomas, it’s hard to understand that they left this wonderful hall in such a sad state – laid back is a good word for it. The monk is really an asset here, I watched him for quite some time videographing the building and fellow passengers.

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