Venice, Italy

A family excursion with my daughter’s student exchange partner had brought me to venice. Of course this is not a primary photography friendly setup, but walking through the alleys and watching the Redentore fireworks on St. Mark’s Square at least provided the possibility for some frames. Of course handholded fireworks photographs are only a stopgap, but here the foreground should compensate for this.

Redentore Fireworks


5 thoughts

  1. für soo ein wunderschönes foto hat sich der kurztripp nach venice doch dreifach gelohnt!

  2. Martha, Paul: Thanks for the praise! Sharing St. Mark’s Square with probably tens of thousands of people (and keeping an eye at the own kids) kept me pretty much hobbled to the space where we arrived, so I was really glad that the column offered such an interesting foreground for the high-flying rockets. The ground-based vulkan-like shows remained pretty much hidden by my fellow watchers.

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