1. I have to admit that I have overlooked that way of seeing it. But of course, everybody seems to have agreed not to sign above an imaginary line, and yes – different pens…
      It’s just hard to transport, this birthday card.

      1. Hmm, seems I don’t get any more email … I was wondering why you are so quiet since I know you are always very fast with answering comments … let’s see if you replied to my comment the other day …

    1. Yes, I had that feeling, too. Of course the Renault Kangoo with it’s more unconventional appearance supports it, too. Just think of a silver, spoiler-equipped BMW instead – it would have created a complete different image.

    1. Thanks, Carl! I am following your grand tour, and from what I read it seems to be extraordinary and successful. I am very happy for you!

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