1. Tattered indeed! Decay to such a degree that this could be a location for an end-of-the world catastrophe movie. Well, maybe not quite so.

    1. Juha, especially in a town like Prague, that has polished the tourist corners so much, these rough edges probably get a disproportional weight. But Prague also carries the weight of decades of communism, of jobless people, of well educated youths without perspective…

  2. Sometimes I’m not sure which is worse, the weight of decades of communism, or the weight of decades of capitalism… Maybe in China we will soon have both.

    1. True words. China is certainly making this transition at light speed, but it might get deviated through a cleptocraty into an oligarchy. Neither one (including captialism and communism) would be my cup of tea.

  3. Nowadays I’m very much into Chinese tea (different varieties of green tea, currently Chun Mee), but I do agree with your sentiment. It seems the world is going crazy in multiple directions.

    1. Chinese tea, oh yes – I remember well from pre-coffee-times. Just try to get some organic grown qualities, as China usually is not very sensitive regarding pesticide remainders. But the taste is excellent, and leads you into different galaxies of tea variations, whereas the indian tea variants are much more similar.

      Oh yes, and I do subscribe to your statement re. the world going crazy. Unfortunately.

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