1. Somewhere between these two lies a very nice auto. It is somewhat amazing to me that the Cayenne makes up more than 50% of Porsche sales in the US.

  2. James, size-wise future cars might be nearer to the Skoda than the Cayenne, especially when taking into account that so many cars are used by one or two persons only.

    That the Cayenne is such a success in the U.S. is most probably due to the love of the Americans to SUV-like vehicles. For me it’s more a relic of the prehistoric present than a car of the future.

  3. I have never understood our love for SUVs. They are neither sporting or utile. For what most people use them for a mini-van is a far better choice for economy, comfort and space management. Now that we are getting regular gas price increases maybe we’ll return to smaller cars here. We are a silly people sometimes……a lot of the time…….most of the time.

    This is what happens when you let hairless monkeys take over a planet:~)

    1. James, SUVs sell very well here, too. Buying a car is rarely guided by reasoning, much more by illusioning – the SUV is the replacement for bodily fitness and (carrying) capacity, directly coupling to the stone-age founded factors of male attractiveness.

      In Germany, gas costs more than 4,70 US$/gallon, so we have strong reasons to restrict ourselves to more reasonable vehicles, but for the rich, a SUV is a good way to show of that they don’t have to care about small change (and are not interested in environment or future or such peanuts).

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