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Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

In the last decades, Munich has built a well renowned museums quarter, which also houses a collection of American photographs well worth visiting – this Baldessari among them. And what I do appreciate: photographing is *not* forbidden there. I mean, we tax payers have already financed museum and collection, so I’d see it as only fair not to put up too many additional restrictions besides the substantial entrance fee.


  1. Nice shot, Markus. And nice sentiment, too. Sadly, the art gallery here in Vancouver doesn’t allow one to photograph within its hallowed halls, citing possible copyright infringement as the reason. As if someone with a hand-held camera is going to photograph a masterpiece, and sell the resulting prints for vast sums of unethically-gained money. So, no art creation, only art consumption allowed. Ridiculous.

    1. Thanks, Stephen. Similar to you, I think this forbidding of photography is outright stupid, especially when considering framed artwork behind glass. But perhaps it also is based on a certain mindset, where unruly visitors are profiting from an act of grace and where you have to discipline them.

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