At The Peak Of Suspension

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Trappentreustrasse, Munich

I am posting this while the speaker announces the penalty shoot-out of the champions league finals. In a few seconds some will have won millions, and the other have lost. This image was created some days earlier and shows the more typical fan physiognomy, I assume.


  1. Hmmm, champions league, what is that? (We are having the 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Finland, and that seems to dominate the media. Not that I would have watched a single game.)

  2. Alhough of reasonable height (1.93m), I have never been especially adept, physically, or in any way a team-player, but for a time I very much enjoyed practicing International Free Pistol.

    Holding a small caliber, single-shot pistol in one hand, you fired sixty shots in one hour at a [small] bullseye target 50 meters away.

    I loved the idea of an Olympic sport, the goal of which was to >not< move!

    The pistols were very exotic and, in many ways, the sport was not far removed from photography: timing, practice, holding still…and fancy gear. Both profited from a Zen-like emptying of your mind.

    I liked the practice but never cared for the competition.

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