1. But don’t forget the warm inviting light from the door to the right and the, albeit a bit ragged, forsythia.

      Part of the charm of this image for me are those pairs – the wastebins, the two wheels, the thujas, the yellow objects, the two building blocks.

      1. Yes, I wonder how it might look like when it’s almost dark and more windows are lightened … much more homey perhaps. The cyclist is crucial, forgot to mention this yesterday. Now I am into the Internets searching for this strange name “Maxvorstadt” – Maximilian?

    1. Carl, the whole area was owned by the German Railways Corporation, and roughly a decade ago they decided to sell it. So after a development plan and architecture competition, it is now completely covered with those box-shaped new tenement blocks. As Munich is an attractive city, I guess that all of them found renters, even for the current high rates.

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