1. Not a big problem, as the whole family went for the early morning mass and then prepared (tired and somewhat slow) for a big brunch with a lot of guests in our flat. Easter most of the times is quite cold here (and snow at easter a common phenomen), especially as we are on a south-eastern slope in the valley where the low sun does not throw in too much warmth these days.

  1. At least the egg hunt was in a small area. Despite the snow, you have a lovely back yard. It must be wonderful to watch the seasonal changes on that hill.

    1. James, when the kids were small, we did indeed chase them up the hill and down again. But this year the easter bunny herself was in church, too, so we instead transferred the hunt to a simple discovery in the livingroom.

      The hill is a fine place, especially providing cooler air in the heat of summer, when ash trees and maples provide a shady cover.

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