1. Indeed it is, especially when isolated in the photographic frame. And what I found astonishing too is the natural absence of almost all color – I did not tone down any saturation, but the result mostly black and white.

  1. You made a good job of this image Markus.

    I’m probably a bit slow of the mark, but I’ve just realised that you are using a G3; do you like it?

    1. Yes, Colin, since January I am using my G3 almost exclusively, and I enjoy thoroughly both non-weight, size and image quality. The latter is really good in comparison to my Sony A700, better at ISO1600, but not as forgiving regarding overexposure. With the experience I have gained with the DSLR, I manage to get excellent results with the G3, too. But even more important for me is the back-to-the-roots experience with only three primes: 14mm, 20mm and 45mm. Frugal, but rewarding as composition has to be much more deliberate.

      1. Thank you Markus, I agree about using prime lenses, using them unlocks the artist in us especially for the sort of photography that you tend to do. I had exactly the same experience with my urban picture series. I am very interested in the Olympus EM5 and I know that the G3 makes more financial sense, but there something about the EM5 that appeals to my irrational sense of what a camera should be like! It’s the same feeling that made me buy a GF1.

        1. Re. the EM5 I have not yet made my mind up. What I definitely crave for is its in-body stabilisation, something I thoroughly enjoyed on my Sony DSLR and which I could make best use of for my night-time adventures. And of course improved sensitivity and maybe better dynamic range are not to despise.
          But the design leaves me a bit helpless: When form follows function, a prism bump is ok. Albeit with an evf, I would prefer a nex-7 like design, keeping the display free of my nose and vice versa. I tend more to what Mark Hobson wrote: The EM5 goodies in a Pen style body would be alluring.

  2. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I’d love a camera that I could feel would replace the Mamiya 7, 50mm, 80mm and 150mm lenses that I once owned albeit in micro four thirds format; but that isn’t going to happen soon. You should see the size of my nose though before you worry too much about the EM5 display! Mark is right, the EM5 certainly is alluring.

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