Palais Ludwig Ferdinand

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Maxvorstadt, Munich

“Palais Ludwig Ferdinand” is the name of the building as indicated by the signboard. It was built 1825 by one of the master architects at that time, Leo von Klenze. Most probably he would have objected to the surveillance camera.


  1. Some old buildings here in Finland have had mirrors attached to the outside wall beside the window so that old ladies could watch what was happening on the street. It was surveillance of another kind…

    1. Indeed, surveillance, but with a built in expiry, Juha! These mirrors you can find here too. Obviously there is the need to check before you open the door for the wrong one.

  2. Interesting how these cameras are popping up everywhere. Who is looking through them? I imagine a future where archeologists unearth a building with cameras attached and try to figure out what they are for, and are horrified when they figure out the purposes. Or maybe it will forever be a mystery?

    1. I don’t think – and hope even less – that all the magnetic tapes and disks will still be readable by then. But if they unearth such a beautiful building as the Palais Ludwig Ferdinand was and notice the disfigurement (and maybe even worse, the reasons for it), the will shake their heads probably about our paranoia.

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