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One of my dearest images of my project in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, made it in wall-size into the water council meeting in Marseille. Besides the natural photographer’s pride the fact made me smile, that this image was created with a (nowadays meagre) Minolta 7D on a 6Mpix sensor. Now imagine how large the newest and best Nikon’s files would allow to be blown up…


    1. Thanks, Juha. Those remark with the megapixels was meant a bit tongue-in-cheek… Usually you will find me on the “less is more” side.

      Astonishing enough, this image is one of the rare successful ones that were made with my superwide zoom. For unknown reasons this was my least used lens in DSLR times, but some of the small number of images that were made with it are fairly above my average.

  1. I celebrate your success and your pride is completely justified! However, I don’t think that considering the latest and greatest cameras is justified at all. It misses the point and is a trap that photographers constantly fall into. This image was clearly made because YOU had an emotional connection with the occasion; no camera can do that by itself.

    1. Colin, thank you. Your indication of the connection with the subjects is certainly correct, and it was part of my decision for a smaller camera: What works when you are a foreigner on a official mission, part of the donor side, is not the same that works in my home country, where many people raise suspicions about photographers. Here it seems to be easier to merge into a scene with something less eye-catching. Sometimes I even have the feeling that it’s good to disguise as a harmless tourist, who is not only allowed, but even expected to take pictures always and everywhere.

    1. Thanks, Eric. I was honestly astonished that after so many years this image was requested after having been printed back then on a project flyer.

    1. Earl, thank you! I would not have dared to print a 6Mpix photo at that size, even knowing that you can go down to 50dpi for such posters. So I had half-heartedly sent a file up-rezzed from 6 to 12 MPix, and of course was glad that it was accepted.

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