Vivian Maier In The NY Times

Worth seeing: Through the Nanny’s Eyes.

Update: Thomas added this link to a Vivian Maier fotostream in the German newspaper “Die Zeit”. Worth following.

Her images and her life give certainly enough matter for contemplation, namely the artistic part. The recent discussions I have followed over the last years in my little corner of the blogosphere sound immensely self-centered, while her work and life had a completely different balance.


  1. Markus, thank-you for this link. I had not found it as of yet. She obviously was not too retired or shy taking street photos of people. A caregiver and a recorder, leaving her mark upon her world. Sounds like a pretty good life.

    1. Earl, in retrospect a good life that left its footprints. And as a nurse she must have been that good, that her earlier wards traced her down when she was old and poor and enabled her a decent life.

  2. I was given the recently published book of her photographs as a Christmas present. I was quite taken by her work when it first hit the headlines just a short time ago. Unfortunately I missed the recent exhibition of her work in London.

    1. Colin, I was lucky as well to receive her book as a Christmas gift – and similarly I missed the exhibition of her images when it was in Munich in December. What seems a bit gross to me is that print of her images are now sold in the 1000 US$ range when she herself was comparably poor throughout most of her life.

  3. Thanks for the link, it’s a nice add-on to a similar series recently put online by the German newspaper “Die Zeit” here. And yes, it’s phantastic to just let those glimpses of Chicago city-life flow by.

    1. Thanks, Thomas. I edited the link and appropriated it in an update of the post. Besides the insight in the daily life of those times I really do admire her guts to confront her fellow citizens with her lens – one portrait in the “Zeit” sequence is an excellent example.

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