1. Beer is alcohol? Since when? I thought the Bavarian motto is: Beer is liquid bread.

    As long as it is beer … this year the amount of confiscated alcohol in Mainz from under-age persons was 120 l – not so funny. But I think it’s not beer the teenagers like – more all these stupid sugary alcopops and hard stuff. I have never seen so many wodka bottles in my life in one place like this Rose Monday.

    1. Click to enlarge: [f/9, 1/160 sec, 90mm-e, ISO 160, DMC-G3]Alcohol? Who is talking about that? I didn’t see almost no alcohol…

      With minors it’s a really bad problem, but if the role models – i.e. those with a car, a girl/boy friend etc. drink, and if it fuels the business of the pub owner, what is to be expected? The Goaßlschnoizer brought their own stock for fear of drying-out on their long way through the city.

      1. Goaßlschnoizer as cows and pink rabbits? I am delighted!

        And yes, I thought so … beer is elixir.

        BTW, my favourite right now is Original Budweiser Dark Lager – but I switch every other day/week/month.

  2. “Stuttgart sole is coming into oil-rich bubble price”? Help me with my poor Deutsch here…

    Well, if we are naming our choice here, I will take a nice Belgian ale, a pale ale, a stiff stout or a dark dunkel–something with character!

    1. Eric, Martina is correct here: The barely visible “Statt” means instead, and sole – in the technical sense of salt dissolved in water – was and is our only richness. The oil is connected to the sheikh, which is rhymes to the name of one of the mayor candidates, Knabenreich.

      A play with words not to the likings of my Rilke-initiated sense of language, I have to state 😉

      1. So you had Deutsch Leistungskurs and “Ausgesetzt auf den Bergen des Herzens” was your intiation? 😉

        I often – not in this case though – have to read Bavarian aloud to myself to get the meaning.

  3. Eric, this isn’t German … 😛

    My translation skills say: instead of sole there should be oil – rich Prussians are coming. I am sure Markus will explain …

    I prefer the dark ones, too. The Belgian beers are very good, indeed. The Trappist ones especially, but they are different of course to the beers one has with dinner.

    1. A nice Leffe blond or two as appetizer before the dinner can be great, and the last Trappist for the ditch… Some Belgian beers even qualify for alcopops.

      What I didn’t expect is that the Faschingsmuffel joined the parade 🙂

        1. Oh, oh… my sincerest condolences! Sometimes it’s just great being located 2000 km further up North. Not that we have that much Karneval in the Northern parts of Germany…

          Beer? Belgian or English (which is just imported Belgian anyway). Leffe blond, Trappist and Hoegaarden. But my current favorite: chocolate stout.


          1. Boiling down carnival to a mere 2 hours on mardi gras is a viable compromise for me and the ladies – and my camera.

            Speaking of beers: Nothing beats the Andorfer Weizenbock I drank in Passau, and that is probably the only place where it is obtainable. And as a purist, the beer I drink at home has to follow the “Reinheitsgebot”, which narrows down the choice quite a bit.

    2. Thanks for chiming in here, Martina. Why they fear (or hope) that the Prussians would be coming seems to have escaped my notice.

      Re. the beer: As a dyed-in-the-wool Bavarian it’s hard to acknowledge that any liquid brewed from more than water, hop and malt should be called beer. But I have to admit…

        1. Bavarians as such are in constant danger of being extinguished, the lack of decent beer being only one factor, the loss of language and the marriage pressure of foreigners of the Bavarian heartlands probably even more endangering, and the seduction by non-beer most probably the nail to our coffin.

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