1. Now that I think about it – there are rarely animals in your photos …

    Without the part of the building in the left corner I would shout “printswap”! But I guess in a print this would disturb somehow – in the photo alone it’s okay. Strange, eh?

    The blurred mountains in the background against the sharp silhouettes of the trees (and the birds) are wonderful.

    1. For me the corner made the image, in the sense that it breaks the fascinating pattern of branches and twigs, not allowing the viewer to purely delve into admiration of the natural forms.

      I admit that this is probably easier to bear in a see-once image than in the image on the fridge or wall which meets the eye on a daily basis.

  2. Livingroom …


    But it’s not so unusual – photos I would like to see as a print are not always the same photos I like online or even in books.

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